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Hi! My Name is Dieter Schmidt and I am running ACTIVE NATURE – Handmade Knives. I’ve been passionate about knives since I was a little boy and my father showed me how to use a knife and the versatility of this tool. So my passion about knives is accompanying me nearly all of my life. But it should last a long time until I should make the very first knife on my own. That happened in 2015 when I got the chance to attend a knife-making-course. From that time on my passion about knives even intensified and I was on fire – not only for using knives as a versatile tool but also for making them on my own!

Today I am crafting very different types of knives starting from hunting knives and outdoor knives to kitchen knives and even straight razors. I’m doing stock removal as well as forging knives with a focus on


  • Clear, modern, functional and ergonomic design,
  • the exclusive use of high-quality materials,
  • highest crafting quality and
  • high customer satisfaction.


Each knife is handmade in countless manual steps. Therefore, each knife is unique, there won’t be two exactly equal pieces! I do each single step carefully on my own starting from grinding the shape of the blade, grinding the bevels, drilling the holes for the pins, doing a careful heat treatment appropriate to its intended purpose, making the handle as well as sharpening the knife and crafting a fitting sheath. Stainless steels are even cryo-treated to bring the steel to its maximum of performance. All that easily explains why it takes many hours in the workshop to convert a peace of steel and some handle material into a sharp and useful tool! Production numbers are therefore very low. You won’t get any mass production but a custom crafted and one-of-a-kind-knife!

In the following you can find a short overview of my work.



  • Chef Series

This series offers high performance kitchen knives. I mainly forge these knives from high carbon steel and grind the bevels to zero for a maximum cutting experience. Well-balanced and lightweight, high edge retention, good food release on larger blades as well as a maximum experience with a minimum of effort in cutting are the main requirements for these blades. On demand with single-sided or double-sided ‘S-Grind’ for better food release, especially when cutting vegetables.



  • Edge Series

Exclusive handcrafted tools for classic wetshaving enthusiasts! No matter if Kamisori-style or classic straight razor – no beard is too long for these blades nor is any beard-hair too thick! Crafted from high carbon steel and polished to a mirror finish these blades will give you a wholly new experience at the ultimate form of wetshaving!



  • Ranger Series

This series offers reliable tools for the modern huntsman. A design that allows versatile use but prevents from slipping towards the sharp edge, highly wear- and corrosion-resistant steels combined with a strong and robust blade shape as well as handle materials reaching from traditional to state-of-the-art – these are the characteristics of the Ranger Series.



  • Trail Series

Knives for camping, hiking, mountaineering and many other outdoor activities is what this series is about. Compact and lightweight enough to fit in each pocket or backpack but robust and tough to master your favorite outdoor activities. On demand provided with sheaths that offer different carrying possibilities for your next adventure!

You are searching for a custom and one-of-a-kind knife, built according to your ideas?

You don’t want bulk goods but a personal and unique product?

You love characterful design and trust in traditional craftsmanship?


–> You found the right place!


I will make a knife for you according to your ideas and wishes. Whether you choose a model from my series, where you define the „ingredients“ for this knife or you define a knife completely according to your own ideas.

However you choose – you will get your personal and unique piece in any case!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!


I’m looking forward to your inquiry!


Dieter Schmidt

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